July 4, 2010

On Feminism.

Alfredo Bonanno was arrested on October 1st 2009 in Greece, accused of concourse in robbery. With him, anarchist comrade Christos Stratigopoulos. At the present time they are being held in the prison in Athens.

Bonnano explores feminism from a revolutionary perspective emphasizing on the importance of feminism for efforts in repelling chauvinistic compulsions, but also acknowledging certain contradictions that feminism can carry.

"If they place themselves before the mass as women alone, they cannot fail to discriminate between two distinct groups of different sex within the mass. In this way ‘all women’ come to have a revolutionary potential, which remains to be seen. In the same way, all workers become part of an hypothetical revolutionary potential, even policemen, judges, politicians, Mafiosi. Of course, starting from a quantitative logic this solution is very convenient, makes the woman feel strong, makes her part of a ‘great mass of sisters’, but certainly doesn’t take her towards liberation."

"That said, we are not trying to suggest that women should ‘soften up’ the violent charge that is exploding within them as they take consciousness of the double exploitation they suffer, in order to enter ‘purified’ into the ‘revolutionary movement’. . . And against the rage of women it will not be easy for power to find an accommodating solution."

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  1. Greetings, "Bonanno released but forced to leave the country" found at <occupiedlondon.org/blog/. Look for "From the Greek Streets" scroll down to #423. Also see #98 too.Solidarity